About The Box

I was attempting to capture an 80's music video feel with The Box. The imagery and motion jumped into my mind almost immediately on hearing the Fingermonsters play. The stop motion process we used was effective (I especially like the spinning shots), though perhaps a bit crude. The green screen technique I picked up from working on some Scary Cow shoots in the year before production.

Video for The Box was shot in the autumn of 2008, the stop motion was shot throughout the winter and early spring of 2009. Then the editing and composition started, the whole thing wrapping up at the end of the year.

Footage was shot in DV format and the stop motion was shot at a much higher resolution. Though the low-fi look of the video was what I was after, the limits of the format made the compositing much harder, and I most likely could have pulled off the same low-fi feel at a higher resolution with less effort on my part. Nonetheless, I quite like the result, and it has been a hit with audiences.


The Box