From: "Yuan Tian"
To: "schreck"
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 16:02:04 +0800
Subject: please feel free to contact us for further information

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have got to know your e-mail address from the wet site, & we want to establish the business relations with you. If you find it to be of your interest, please feel free to contact us for further information. Otherwise,please let us know and we will delete your e-mail add from our mailling list.Thanks.

We, Nanhai Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. occupies an area of 10 hectares, and specializes in mattress machines, spring mattress and the necessary materials. To guarantee the quality, training and after services, we work in accordance with ISO9002 Quality System strictly. The company owns lots of technical personnel and specialists, as well as an integrated net of communication, and also have established many branches and service centers inside the country. So, we have been in possession of most of the home markets. As for the overseas markets, the total sales are increasing by leaps and bounds, especially in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

But we are not satisfied with our achievement and the existing state of affairs. We should stride forward towards the higher goal constantly and turn out even higher grade products than what are demanded by customer. This is our company's faith and purpose.

Now we want to export our products to the world market, especially to the Europe & U.S . We hope that we could have a chance to cooperative with you!

Looking forward to your reply

Best regards

Yuan Tian

Our website: Http://www.yuantian.com

E-mail address: nhyt@china.com