In the digital age photographs have become disembodied. My friend Dave took the photographs below at the launch party with his digital camera. They are just images, information about a how something looks, pixels, not a physical representation of a scene such as a photograph, something that can be felt and touched. When I was a kid my mom had an old clunky Polaroid camera, the kind where you pulled the pictures out of the camera with a tab and shook vigourously to develop. She would bring it out for family gatherings and all the kids would take pictures and run around shaking them. The immediacy of the photos made them special. Digital photos feel like that to me, only a bit less fun. There is the immediacy, buyt you can't run around the room like a rabid monkey shaking bytes.


Anca is being attacked by a glow in the dark beatle. Augh.


Music was made. Here is Jason going crazy on the keyboards.


This is Mike O'Brien rocking out. You can hear some music here.

R.B., Joslyn, and Xina

Eeegads! I've turned my friends into nerds. What have I done?!?


Some people may have had too much to drink.


I even tricked some of the beautiful people into showing up, though they look none to happy about it.


And here is the man himself, dml, linking his systems to mine. Oh baby.