Fools of the Game   

Stills from Fools of the Game

Cast & Crew

David Austin-Groen

David Austin-Groen plays Russell, Gwen's significant other and Jeff's unwilling confidant. He has appeared in forty theatrical productions, including a trio of shows that travelled the country. Fools of the Game marks his screen debut. He and his wife continue to live and act in San Francisco.

Boston Blake

Boston Blake portrays the sisters' tag-along friend Jeff, whose outlandish tales of failed romance bemuse and torment those around him. He made his screen debut in the short film Dawn's Early Light (2000).

Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis plays Eric, whose chance encounter with former flame Renee stirs up old feelings. He has appeared in a variety of plays and short films, and plans to step behind the camera soon as a producer.

Kate Fox

Kate Fox plays Danielle, the youngest of the Harper sisters, whose courtship with Walt seems to take place entirely via cell phone. Fools of the Game marks her screen debut. She and her husband live and work in Southern California.

Moniqua Plante

Moniqua Plante portrays Eve, Eric's former therapist and the friend he turns to for relationship issues. Ms. Plante has appeared in various stage and screen productions, and most recently featured in an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Danny Siudara

Danny Siudara plays Barry, Eric's uninhibitted best friend. He made his acting debut in Medium Gray, and also serves as a producer on Fools of the Game.

Nejla Wolff

Nejla Wolff portrays Gwen, Renee's older sister and the defacto matriarch. She has appeared in several theatrical productions around the country, and currently lives and acts in Chicago.

Candace Younghans

Candace Younghans stars as Renee, whose return to San Francisco after a personal tragedy transforms the lives of everyone around her. Ms. Younghans made her screen debut in Medium Gray and subsequently agreed to serve as a producer on Fools of the Game. She lives and works in San Francisco, where she is a well-established stage actor, dancer, and choreographer.

Brian Schirmer

Directing from his own script, Brian Schirmer set out to make a film that he and his friends could watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Fools of the Game turned out to be a unique story of twentysomethings becoming thirtysomethings at the start of the 21st century. He is currently developing the internet series The Guild.

Michael Schrecker

After supervising the audio on Medium Gray, Michael Schrecker came on board Fools of the Game as an executive producer, overseeing every stage of the project. Presently, he is cracking the whip to keep Brian on track with their internet series The Guild.

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