Fools of the Game   

Stills from Fools of the Game

Returning home after a personal tragedy, Renee (Candace Younghans) moves in with her two sisters in an effort to rebuild her life. Self-sufficient Gwen (Nejla Wolff) longs to settle down with Russell (David Austin-Groen), while manic Danielle (Kate Fox) carries on an on-again/off-again romance via cell phone. When Renee runs into old flame Eric (Glenn Davis), it seems that everyone wants them to get back together as soon as possible. Everyone except Renee. These three very different sisters find themselves forced to come to terms with the men in their lives, adulthood, and each other.

This quirky romantic comedy - shot entirely on digital video - captures the beauty of San Francisco, while observing the lives of an ensemble cast of characters, each searching for happiness in his or her own way.

Copyright © 2006 Ouroboros Productions.