A new wave, an old twist, a startling vision.

Medium Gray.  Now available on DVD

Principal Cast

Danny Siudara (Eddie)
Don Wood (Harry)
Candace Younghans (Anna)

Principal Crew

Brian Schirmer (Writer/Director)
Linda Gregario (Executive Producer)
Michael Schrecker (Sound Engineer)

Danny Siudara plays Eddie, a young renegade detective whose inner turmoil manifests itself in eruptions of boundless violence. Following his debut work in Medium Gray, Mr. Siudara has moved behind the camera, serving as one of the producers for Fools of the Game.

Don Wood stars as Harry, the down-on-his-luck elder cop whose career and life have spun completely out of control. Mr. Wood lives and works in San Francisco, where he also raises his young son.

Candace Younghans portrays Anna, the semi-innocent lost soul who comes between Harry and Eddie. Living and Working in San Francisco, Miss Younghans is a well-established local stage actor, dancer, and choreographer. Since completeing Medium Gray, she has starred in Fools of the Game, playing a young widow who looks to put her life back on track.

Focusing his talents on screenwriting for many years because "it was cost effective", Brian Schirmer began work on the script that would become Medium Gray just prior to his graduation from the cinema department at San Francisco State University in 1999. He has just completed his second feature, Fools of the Game, a quirky romantic comedy with an ensemble cast.


Having gotten her start as an assistant on 1998's Heartwood (directed by Lanny Cotler and starring Hilary Swank and Jason Robards), Linda Gregorio encouraged Brian Schirmer to direct his script of Medium Gray - and quickly signed on as Executive Producer. Ms. Gregorio currently works as a professional sign language interpreter in Boston.


Signing on during post-production, Michael Schrecker brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Sound Engineer for Medium Gray. Mr. Schrecker continued to work his sound wizardry on Fools of the Game and also served as an Executive Producer.


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